Spirit of Python / Leviathian

1. Introduction

Python was a mythical snake worshiped at Delphi and associated with the Delphic oracle. She was a priestess who worked herself up to prophesy by the spirit of Python forecasting future events,from which we get the spirit of divination.

The spirit Python being a serpent snake comes to constrict the life and breathe out of your lungs. Being a serpent he only eats things which are alive, he particularly desires to eat those who are alive in Christ. His purpose is to squeeze the life of Christ out of us. He does this by taking away our joy, making us feel discouraged and heavy, stealing our faith, dreams and visions, therefore keeping us from doing what God wants us to do so we are ineffective and fruitless for God kingdom.

2. How Python enters

The curse of Leviathan can be passed on through the generations. If anyone in your generations dabbled in things that opened the door to Leviathan then you could have this generational curse. As Leviathan hides himself so well and prevents deliverance, that many are not aware they have it.

You may recall in the “About Me” article on this site how I had my first demonic attack at the age of 14 when I experienced hands around my throat at night. This was Leviathan. I had opened up a door in my life by allowing my auntie to read my palm. Palm reading is a form of divination i.e. enquiring information from Satan’s kingdom. This does carry with it consequences involved. Nothing is free from Satan’s kingdom but all is good and free from Gods kingdom.

I see pride in my family and the back and neck problems associated with Leviathan so I would believe it came in as a generational curse too.

3, Physical Symtpoms of Python

Leviathan shows itself sometimes with choking manifestations around the throat at night and is related to  witchcraft which is rebellion.

People who suffer back and neck stiffness can sometimes find this is due to Leviathan. I have had to frequently visit the osteopath since my twenties to release my back and neck. Just before the time of my deliverance, Leviathan manifested by exacerbating the stiffness and pain. I had to get my husband and son to crack my back for me twice a day just to give me  some slight relief. I had become short of breath too as it was physically squeezing my lungs and I had lost my energy.

Leviathan comes in with a whisper that is so subtle, whispering in our ear lies, that if entertained gives him a foothold to enter. Again a few weeks prior to my deliverance from  Leviathan I was getting left ear pain which I believed was the Leviathan whispering in my ear? It coils itself around our chest and whispers in our ears hence the stiff back and neck shortness of breath, fatigue, and pain in the ear.

4, Spiritual Symptoms of Python

Leviathan is very much associated with pride. The Lord led me to read Job when I was searching to find out the spiritual cause of my problems. (I believe that most illnesses have spiritual roots associated with sin in our lives that needs dealing with, or ancestral curses on our lives).

I was shocked to discover about myself that I did indeed have pride and stubbornness. God also was speaking to my husband as he usually does about me and had told him too that it was pride in my life. Leviathan tries to keep you from seeing the truth by hiding rebellious pride. Snakes like to hide if there is a  sudden noise, this serpent will hide and not manifest unless its name is called up.

Leviathans voice I now recognise as the one who would say “you can’t say that “or “don’t say that”, to keep it hidden and stop it from being found out and keeping you in pride, it is very deceiving. I would have never confessed to the sins I am now confessing, not even realising them to be sins but would have kept them hidden, because that’s what my thoughts told me to do.

I immediately knew when I came across Job 38:1-41 where God questions Job concerning who has the knowledge of all things, that it was pride in my life that was causing my infirmities.

Associated with pride is Jezebel a haughty spirit which I was also delivered from. I was married to an “Ahab” man, which is a man who will not fulfil his role as head of the house and puts on the wife. I lived by the lie “if you want a job done do it yourself”. My Ahab man could no longer love me once I became a Christian and therefore spirits of rejection, grief and bitterness came in which is another thing you will often find associated with the python spirit.

Sometimes it is asked how could someone not see they were sins when you knew to keep them hidden? The thing is your thoughts are not all your own and when you listen to the python whispering in your ear you think it is your own thoughts in fact you have mixed thoughts as python mingles truth with lies, he is a religious spirit who loves to be in a spiritual atmosphere where he can send out mixed messages.

Satan works against us through strongholds, imaginations, and thoughts.

In Job 38:1 we read:

Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm. He said:
"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge?
Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me.

We are told in Job 41 that Leviathan is covered in rows of shields that are sealed to one another not allowing any space in-between so that no wind can pass between; wind signifies Holy Spirit and his aim is to shut out the wind of the Holy Spirit from moving in us. The sword, spear dart or javelin cannot get through his tight shield.

Nothing on earth is his equal; he is a creature without fear. He looks down on all who are haughty: he is king over all that are proud.

In 2 Corinthians 10:4 we read,

"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought”

There are many pastors and church members who have the Leviathan spirit and are unaware of it because it is so well hid and they are sending out messages to the congregation which are worldly ways and lies mixed with the truth. Leviathan comes to divide and accuse against leadership to take you out of the church and away from fulfilling your calling, or cause division in a church. His aim is also to stop corporate prayer as he knows how powerful corporate prayer is.

Tongue problems are also found in those with Leviathan, through a critical spirit.

Job 41:21 His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth.

False tongues may also be due to Leviathan. I would speak in tongues a lot as I drove around with my job and suddenly I would go into a very fast loud tongue which I had considered a warfare tongue but it wasn’t. I remember feeling hurt when in a house group we all had to pray in tongues and I went into what I thought was my warfare tongue, which silenced everyone in the room! And they were all looking at me oddly! I later got a telephone call that week to say that the group had come to the decision that I couldn’t attend anymore as they considered me to have a false tongue and they didn’t want any distractions. I was gutted, but I believe now they were right and since being delivered from python I no longer go into my supposedly warfare tongue!.

5. Deliverance from Python

One of the big things Python does is to stop deliverance taking place.

When doing deliverance against Leviathan the principalities involved are:-
Apollyon / Abaddon - destroyer, god who punishes wicked, god of music and prophesy.
Belial - antichrist Beezelbul - false gifts

The Leviathan is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit come to deceive even the elect and gives false gifts. I was fooled by it and now I know I need to line everything up with the word of God

to ensure I am not deceived.

Demonic Strongholds associated with Leviathan are:-

Haughty, Proud, Jezebel
Divination, necromancer, familiar spirits
Religious Spirit, anti Christ
Seducing Spirits, Beguiling Spirits, Ashteroth (god of fertility)
Spirits of grief and bitterness

Accomplices are:-

Spirit of death
Spirit of infirmity
Spirit of division
Deaf and dumb spirit.

When praying for release from this Spirit it needs to be called by its name, it generally responds better to the name Python in deliverance.

Anytime I was anywhere where deliverance was taking place I would scream so loudly especially when infirmity was called out.Now this was becoming quite strange that I couldn’t keep my deliverance. There was also the time where I went for a deliverance session with my husband and the ministers at Lakeland church Florida felt that there was a Jezebel spirit and a Masonic spirit. Leviathan messed up that session well and truly as the ministers had heard correctly from the Holy Spirit and I screamed them out or rather we all thought they were screamed out, he puts on a good show that anyone would be fooled, when what in fact what happened was Leviathan sent the spirit of abandonment up which came in when I was a baby. I had fallen out of my pram down the end of the garden where my mum could not hear my screams, hence the screaming deliverance every time.

I had further deliverance from the ministers at Lakeland church in Florida to deal with the multiple personalities (See article on MPD) one being the abandoned baby. After coming home to England, I had my first crisis following the reintegration of my split personalities which I didn’t cope with very well at all; this is a good sign that integration has taken place. I wanted to run away from a situation but God used that situation as I studied more about deliverance and during the research I found that I had a Leviathan Spirit. I was then able to identify myself that the jezebel and freemason spirits had not really been delivered due to Leviathan getting in the way of deliverance, at this time I had gone through the renouncing of the Masonic curses and also realised there was some freedom in my mind as it was clearer. My husband then got Leviathan which included the Jezebel spirit and also freemasonry spirits up to manifest and I got well and truly delivered from them that night.

When the Leviathan manifested he rose up in me with great power and strength that my husband had difficulty holding me back from him and my husband is a strong man.

Job 41:25 when he rises up, the mighty are terrified; they retreat before his thrashing.

6. Conclusion

My journey to deliverance has been quite remarkable. When I think about it and all the blockages with my own sin and ancestral sin in my life, I know it is only by the grace of God that I am saved and delivered. It is still not over once deliverance has taken place as God has to change the way we think and look at things. I hear him speaking to me now saying “that’s the old way of thinking, its not my thoughts” and I discard that thought that came in. If I have said something I shouldn’t have I will hear the rebuke so I am made aware of it and can repent from it. Before I would not hear that still small voice so clearly as I was not aware I was sinning.

God is always at work in us and for us no matter where we are in life; I am so grateful He doesn’t give up on us but always has good plans to bring us into more and more freedom.I do not think anything we do not see as sin is held against us, I believe Father God will keep on trying to help us on the right road if we seek him as best as we are able. God knows all about the spiritual influences in and around us and our frailty. I do believe that the amount of soaking and praying In tongues I have practised, helped to open doors to my deliverance, because reading the Word is so difficult with freemason and leviathan spirits in your life. But now I try and remain alert in my mind because I know the enemy prowls around looking for someone to devour, and my flesh is constantly waring against the Spirit.To remain victorious, my life has to be one of staying in prayer and meditating on the Word, so that I can have discernment and can fight that devil Satan.